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The above image was reviewed and created with a licensed physical therapist, to help identify places where nerves are close to the surface and rope might be placed. The most common nerve injuries from rope are “handcuff thumb”  and Ulnar nerve Damage. Nerve Damage can be sensory (hot/cold/tingly/buzzing) or functional (affecting motor coordination). Because nerve […]

Hishi Chest Harness

Want a beautiful and functional chest harness? Look no further! Step 1: Tie a reverse-tension single column around the waist, placing the knot in the back. Step 2: Run the rope over one side of the shoulder coming down the waist line and do a cow hitch to reverse the direction. Step 3: Place the […]

Scene Ideas Handout

Below are word clouds, feel free to cross out, circle or add words to help you brainstorm what you like either generally or for a particular scene I want to play with you because…. You’re hot / I want to have kinky sex with you I want to try something out and hope you’ll demo […]

Bottoming Bag

A guide of items you should pack in your bag as a bottom. IF YOU BRING NOTHING ELSE BRING THESE Daily Medications (Inhalers, insulin, etc) Water Snacks (sugar + protein) Your insurance information and emergency contact written down for your top Generally Recommended Pain Meds Gear to get tied in (Wireless bra/compression shorts/ leggings) Cover […]

Sex Toys

The term dildo was first coined in around 1400 AD and originated from the Latin for ‘dilatare’, which means ‘open wide’, and ‘delight’. Dildos have been found all over the world, made out of stone, ceramic, jade, gold and even dung. Some theories include that these were worshiped, used to keep orifices closed in the […]