Class Descriptions


How do you negotiate play? In this class we’ll cover three different models of consent, recovery planning for difficult scenes and suggestions on how to get the most out of your play experience.

Sex toys 

Are you curious about using toys in the bedroom? Not sure what to buy or if you’ll even like it? This class is for you! We’ll go over dildos, vibrators, strap ons (insertable and harness based) where to buy and pros and cons of different materials. There will be lots of toys to look at and ask questions about!

DIY Dom(me)

Fill your toybag for less than the cost of this class!

We all know kinky people are very creative, this class covers how to find pervertibles, what to watch out for and kinky DIYs. Whether you’re looking for unusual toy ideas or ways to save money and still get kinky this class is for you.

  • Zippers,
  • Diy canes and paddles
  • Humilitation, Pet, age and gender play

Rough body play

Do you like it rough? Unsure of where to start? This class we’ll cover safety and how to hurt someone using just your hands, even if they’re much bigger than you!

Scene building

How do you create a scene – not just practice? How do you set the mood? How does role play work anyway? We’ll cover all these topics and more in scene building.

Open relationships

Are you considering opening up your relationship? Not sure what’s healthy or the difference between an open relationship and a polyamours relationship? Had a threesome and considering if you want to be a thruple? Mz Magpie has been through it all before and has lots of advice and suggestions for those considering opening up their relationships.


How to use your feet for impact!

We’ll cover anatomy, basics of bootblacking, tips on keeping your balance and kicking technique.

Switchcraft ( switch focused play)

You’re a switch I am a switch… what do we do flip a quarter? 

 Do you feel a primal need to fight back and take charge when someone else tops? Do love brats and fighters?  This class is for you, we’ll talk about how to switch who’s leading a scene, how to bottom from the top and more.

Bedroom Bondage Building blocks (2 class series)

You’ve learned a single column…but how do you actually tie a person up? get lets of ideas of positions and variations you can create using just a single column and half hitch.

Uses for a Single Column

  • Spread eagle (single column on wrists and ankles to bed post)
  • Ebi (ankles together, crossed legs, pull chest or neck to ankles)
  • Chest harness 
  • Ladder (legs together)

Bedroom Bondage Building blocks part 2

Kinds of ties we’re covering

  • double column- reverse tension
  • Inline cuff
  • Collapsing tie – half hitch

Double column 

  • wrist to wrist (attach to bed post etc)
  • Crab Tie: Tie ankle to wrist
  • T-Rex arms: wrist to upper arm 
  • Stappado (arms together in repeated bands)
  • Frog legs (ankle to thigh)

Single Column and Double column combinations

  • “Bunny ears” (Wrists together, pull over head, attach to chest band)
  • Hog Tie: double column on the wrists and ankles, cinch together
  • Rifle Carry (one hand overhead, one behind the back)

Gateway to suspension

Full day intensive.

Prerequisites: suspendable chest harness and non collapsing single column tie

This full day intensive offers an introduction to suspension for tops who are already confident tying structural harnesses and bottoms with experience in rope.

This class will cover: 

  • Negotiation 
  • Nerves and anatomy 
  • Uplines and lifting 
  • Bottoming skills 
  • Easy partial positions
  • Face down suspension

Prerequisites: Tops should be able to tie a chest harness, and non- collapsing single column tie.

Required gear:

  •  4 30-ft lengths of rope in hemp, jute, or nylon
  • 4 pear-shaped or oval carabiners rated for climbing
  • 2 30ft lengths of POSH rope.


  • suspension ring
  • safety sheers
  • climbing sling

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