Note: please make sure to get in person instruction in addition to online resources so you can get good feedback and can keep everyone safe.
When choosing in person instruction you should do some vetting, after all anyone can go on the internet and call themselves a shibari master. We encourage you to consider instructors who have a public code of ethics, accountability circle or otherwise encourage their own oversight. If you want more information about what ethical instructors look like please check out Consent Academy or the KECC

Online Bondage Instruction

Best for floor bondage:

  • Full Circle Kink – created by one of the founders of suspended animation full circle kink has lots of online tutorials and classes making them ideal for people new to rope. Based in Seattle
  • The Duchy is one of the oldest rope tutorial websites out there, and has the content to show it.
  • The rope bottom guide by clover.
  • Shay and Stefanos are our all time favorite presenters, they’re funny, thoughtful and genuinely nice people. Based out of SF, California you don’t want to miss their classes.
  • kink academy a variety of kinky content of varying quality
  • crash restraint a map of learning bondage with thousands of links…not all of which work. Crash is based in SF California.
  • RVA rope bondage enthusiasts in Richmond, Virginia
  • Rope study Central Virginia


  • Our favorite online resource to date is Shibari Study it has tons of videos with different instructors.
  • Remedial Ropes is Shay’s website on all things rope, we highly recommend her articles on nerve damage !


If you enjoy video format we highly recommend:

all of these are a little more casual and conversational rather than tutorials but we’re a fan.

Bondage Books


  • Complete Shibari (ground and sky): Douglas Kent
  • The seductive art of japanese bondage – Midori


  • Bondage you can use: Lee Harrington
  • Bondage for Sex: Chanta Rose
  • Showing you the ropes: Two Knotty Boys

Self tying and bottoming

  • The little guide to getting tied up -Eevie Vane
  • Tying and Flying: Bondage for self-suspension – Shay Tiziano

IRL Resources

West Coast Dungeons and Sex Clubs

Seattle: Events Calendar, Pan Eros, Subspace, Club Sapphire (swingers club)

Portland: Sanctuary, Privata, The Velvet Rope

San Francisco Wicked Grounds: (BDSM-oriented café), The Armory Club, The Citadel, .SF Catalyst, Black Thorn,


  • RopeCraft (Chicago/New Orleans rotation)
  • Kinkfest (Portland OR)
  • WestCoast Bound (Vancouver Canada)
  • Desert Bound (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • BED (Dallas, TX)
  • FIRE (Florida).
  • Conception (Victoria Canada)
    (All of these conventions are either rope-centric or have an entire track dedicated to bondage)