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The above image was reviewed and created with a licensed physical therapist, to help identify places where nerves are close to the surface and rope might be placed. The most common nerve injuries from rope are “handcuff thumb”  and Ulnar nerve Damage. Nerve Damage can be sensory (hot/cold/tingly/buzzing) or functional (affecting motor coordination). Because nerve […]

Rope Bottoming Resources

Mental Pain processing Bottoms need to learn how to triage sensations in their body and communicate it efficiently, much like a nurse in the ER knows to ignore the screaming baby and bring the man with half his face drooping first…not because he’s loud but because he’s having a stroke and it needs to be […]

Bottoming Bag

A guide of items you should pack in your bag as a bottom. IF YOU BRING NOTHING ELSE BRING THESE Daily Medications (Inhalers, insulin, etc) Water Snacks (sugar + protein) Your insurance information and emergency contact written down for your top Generally Recommended Pain Meds Gear to get tied in (Wireless bra/compression shorts/ leggings) Cover […]