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BDSM etiquette

Community Etiquette A quick guide to BDSM etiquette -Ms. Manners would approve of. It can be overwhelming to be in a new social situation where the rules appear to completely have gone out the window. People are naked! people are hitting each other, people in cat suits are kissing puppy players! Actually a lot of […]


The above image was reviewed and created with a licensed physical therapist, to help identify places where nerves are close to the surface and rope might be placed. The most common nerve injuries from rope are “handcuff thumb”  and Ulnar nerve Damage. Nerve Damage can be sensory (hot/cold/tingly/buzzing) or functional (affecting motor coordination). Because nerve […]

Rope Bottoming Resources

Mental Pain processing Bottoms need to learn how to triage sensations in their body and communicate it efficiently, much like a nurse in the ER knows to ignore the screaming baby and bring the man with half his face drooping first…not because he’s loud but because he’s having a stroke and it needs to be […]

Easy partials

Many people think of partials as being only used for predicaments or making your bottom wobble around on their toes. However partials can be used for many other things. Allow tops to practice uplines in a low stress environment Introduce a bottom to the sensation of suspension Allow for longer more sustainable scenes than a […]

Gravity Boot

The Gravity Boot Obviously the most common use we see of the gravity boot is for single ankle inversions however it can also be great for assisting in transitions into hip inversions.We like the gravity boot because it’s pretty and super sustainable. How to Tie a gravity boot. Step 1: using a 15ft length (30 […]

Hishi Chest Harness

Want a beautiful and functional chest harness? Look no further! Step 1: Tie a reverse-tension single column around the waist, placing the knot in the back. Step 2: Run the rope over one side of the shoulder coming down the waist line and do a cow hitch to reverse the direction. Step 3: Place the […]

Risk Mitigation for New Riggers

Suspension is a dangerous activity and your first year or two of tying or being tied are the time when you’re most likely to make mistakes. Here’s some of my suggested risk mitigations Only suspend with people you know (or experienced bottoms) You may ask why, there’s the thing, when you first start suspending you’re […]