Rope Suspension

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Easy Partial Suspensions

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Many people think of partials as being only used for predicaments or making your bottom wobble around on their toes. However, partials can be used for many other things.

  • Allow tops to practice uplines in a low-stress environment
  • Introduce a bottom to the sensation of suspension
  • Allow for longer more sustainable scenes than a suspension
  • Make certain body parts more accessible while still being comfortable.

These most sustainable partial positions may be your ideal solution.

As a general rule to make a sustainable partial the bottom’s feet, back or chest should be on the ground. The more body weight is on the ground the easier a partial suspension will be.

Try running a upline from a hip harness to keep your bottom upright for sex or impact play.

increase the difficulty of a hogtie by running an upline off the back or ankles.