Photo by Tony Cyphert CC license

Hello! you’ve found ORG (outdoor rope enthusiasts of Seattle) During the summer months we meet at Gasworks park Wednesdays 4-8pm.

ORG is a playful peer learning environment.

We look forward to seeing you at ORG!

Rules & Conduct

General Conduct

  1. Consent is sexy! Please ask before touching people and their belongings.
  2. This is a dry event. No alcohol, cannabis, or other recreational drugs allowed.
  3. Photography is allowed as long as all participants consent – please see our photography policy below.
  4. Please wear clothes appropriate for public – ALL ages. Sports bras are okay, lingerie or bare chests are not.
  5. Please don’t scene and keep things playful/ athletic/ artistic. Please no moaning, making out, undressing, or hitting each other. If it’s suggestive, save it for later.

Questions or concerns? Shoot a message to @TheRawKitty (IG or FL) or [email protected]

Self Suspenders

  • Please don’t self suspend alone, have a spotter available! Volunteers can choose to fill this role if they are comfortable
  • Please don’t tie away from the group unless accompanied by a spotter! If something happens we might not be able to help 🙁
  • Please have a cutting tool nearby! Especially in the summer, fainting can sneak up on us fast


  • Who’s the photo guy? That’s probably Chase he’s a local who takes photos for fun so if you want to support him you do so here. Feel free to introduce yourself and ask for photos if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Is there a lost and found? yes see J or message in the PNW rope discord to see if your item got turned in.
  • safety tips
  • If you’ve never been tied up – don’t start with a suspension, spend some time understanding how bondage feels on you before you jump in the deep end.
  • If you’re a self suspender have a designated spotter!
  • Use synthetic uplines (they are stronger and more resistant to breakage)
  • Make sure to use a kelvar sling or some kind of protection for your sling to make sure it doesn’t get cut – there are many rough surfaces when tying outdoors – protect your equipment!
  • Play safely and sober.
  • Stay hydrated – it’s hot this summer and you don’t want to get dizzy.

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